Nethans Ltd Note Counter range

The MX 50 Note Counter

The MX 50 bank note counter is a fast and accurate note counter for the busy business. With 1000 notes per minute note counting, and counterfeit banknote detection built right in, this auto starting, auto cleaning note counting machine will save you hours every week.

The MX 50 Note Counter incorporates full batch counting facilities, with self checking, making it one of the most versatile bank note counters on the market today. With multi modes for the busy customer, this is a great note counter for your business!


  • Model

    MX 50 Bank note counter

  • Dimensions

    245W x 320D x 190H x 7kg

  • Technical Details

    • 4 digits LED Display
    • In-line note count path.
    • Ultra-violet counterfeit bank-note detection.
    • Batch number display 10, 20, 25, 50, 100.
    • Count speed 1000 notes per minute.
    • Self checking.
    • Abnormal stop (chain, half and double).
    • Counting mode.
    • Detecting mode.
    • Adding mode.
    • Batch preset mode.
    • Automatic start.
    • Memory function.
    • Automatic cleaning.