Coin sorter range

The CS-630 coin sorter

The System CS-630 coin sorter was designed with flip down coin boxes to enable sorted coins to be tipped directly into plastic coin bags. This improves productivity dramatically, and has proved to be more productive than any other coin sorter in its class! The CS-630 coin sorter / cash counter uses a ‘continual count / sort & batch’ method. This means that when one coin drawer is filled, the System CS-630 holds that coin type back whilst continuing to process all other coins.


  • Model

    CS-630 Coin Sorter

  • Dimensions

    340L x 685W x 485H

  • Technical Details

    • All steel chassis to cope with the harshest of coin processing environments.
    • Flip down boxes to load denomination sachets.
    • Simple keyboard operation. (Digital Processing)
    • Coin validation for the highest level of accuracy on all coins.
    • On-disc counting ensures only valid coins go into rail for sorting.
    • 32 Character display.
    • Automatic purging of foreign or ‘dud’ coins at the end of each count.
    • Dual line display giving full count, daily and full bag totals, with a denominations breakdown.
    • 3 levels of memory to facilitate profit centre analysis.
    • Continuous running.
    • Software available to transfer all totals to your computer.
    • 1 serial port 1 parallel port.