Coin sorter range

The CS-650 coin sorter

The Nethans CS-650 coin sorter has all the features of the Nethans CS-630 & 640 coin sorting, counting machines. It is freestanding unit and is used with cloth bags where significantly greater amounts of coins need to be counted. It is generally used in the car parking industry and by cash counting companies.


  • Model

    CS-650 Coin Sorter

  • Dimensions

    340L x 685W x 1260H

  • Technical Details

    Free standing cash counting machine. Great sorter with full specification of the CS-630/640 and includes ‘suspend count mode’, and cloth coin sacks for bulk batching. This machine is recommended for the larger retailers and banks.

When batching multiple transactions of coins, all other coin sorters are deemed unable to be used to count coins from other sources until all batching is completed, because the coin drawers/sacks still contain coins, and more batching is yet to be done. However, the CS Systems 630/640/650 incorporate a special mode known as ‘Suspend Count’, were a full mix of coins can be counted directly into the reject coin drawer. See details of this great feature above!